Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, how do you tell someone who truly believes they are being a wonderful Dad and fantastic provider, that he really should not do that. I have lived this scenario already and can say that I was well provided for, as were my children, but I lost the connection to my husband because he was not there. He was busy providing. He missed out on soooo many things. Are we all grateful...yes. But what a toll that took on everyone. I now watch my daughter as she takes over the responsibilties of everything because her husband is providing. Is he wrong? No, of course not, but the emotional stress this puts on my daughter and my grandchildren is huge. He is missing out on so much. The this day and age, there is no answer. He must provide, but it makes me so sad to see what is happening.


Jessica said...

It does take a toll on everyone involved, but try not to worry about us. Jason and I are talking about it and trying our hardest to figure something out. He's looking for jobs in power companies and is asking me what he can do to help out when he's home. He promises not to miss Christmas this year. He loves me and doesn't want to see me hurting and stressed. We will be okay!

Jessica said...

I gave you an award, check out my blog!

Jessica said...

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